Unique ways to improve your credit score fast

Improving your credit score is like losing weight. It takes commitment and effort and the term fast in this scenario is relative. Actually when losing weight, the quick-fixes are most likely to fail. However, though crash diets donít usually work, you can possibly change your credit score pretty fast. You need to be aggressive and not just wait for some miracle to happen from the credit bureaus. Therefore, if you want to see your credit score change, here are some simple tips you need to apply.

Clean up your credit score report

The journey towards improving your credit scores begins with your credit report. It contains all the data that is used to calculate your credit score so you need to ensure itís accurate. What could be worsening your scores are errors and inaccuracies in the calculations. So, if you want to better your scores, ensure you check out those errors. Call in your credit bureau and request for the report then carefully analyse it with a professional. Look for any inaccuracies, and if you find any, make sure you dispute them and have them changed. You will be surprised at how drastically your scores may improve.

Actually use your credit card

Using your credit card is a powerful tool that can help improve your credit score. The more you use your card to pay your bills, the more perks you will enjoy. For instance, you will have the ability to dispute charges with your providers and even enjoy rewards and insurance. However, ensure you donít spend more than you should and always pay your bills in full every month. Remember, the goal is to heal your credit score so spending right and paying on time is the right remedy. If you want to further improve your scores, ensure you are moderate when using your card. This is because responsible and regular use can really boost your score, while maxing out your card will only worsen it. Keep your utilization ratio as low as 30% or even less.

Make automatic payments

One of the main reasons that leads to a poor score is failed or delayed payments. Remember, no matter how good your reason for defaulting is, just one failed payments can badly wound your score. Thatís why you need to employ this pre-emptive tactic to ensure youíre on the safe side. Do this by enrolling with your credit card providers to have money directly debited from your bank account. Alternatively, ask your bank to send you emails or text messages to remind you about the payments you need to make.