Top money saving tips for college students

Being a college student is a particularly unique situation, and it occurs happens once in your lifetime. Contrary to common opinion, this is the time for you to save, save and save. As a student, there are many prospects that you can take advantage of. Unfortunately, most students do not even notice these opportunities. However, itís high time you start making good use of your situation. Making wise financial decisions at this stage in life can really lighten up your future. Remember, the more you save the better off you are. So, here are some 3 key areas you can invest in if you want to enjoy the finer things in life after you graduate.


In college, food is one of the most entertaining aspects. Often, when shopping for food, college students enjoy the pomp and thrill that emanates from shopping at fancy grocery stores a lot more than they focus on the actual goal (food). So be smart, and remember exactly what you need. Steer clear from shopping or eating at fancy stores and restaurants as they normally charge premium prices just for the experience. Bear in mind that you are still a student, so save those extra bucks. Additionally, you can do just fine with two meals a day. Besides, limiting the take-outs you like so much will go a long way in reducing your food budget and in the end saving you some good amount of money.


When it comes to transportation, think public transport. It probably doesnít sound fancy, but itís the best solution for you. All you need to do is to pay for a bus pass. Owning a car comes with a heavy price that can easily get you into debts. Remember, a car needs regular maintenance, gas, insurance and parking fees not to mention other hidden expenses. Therefore, save by opting for a bus ticket instead. However, if you must own a car, be smart and carpool with friends. That way, you can pitch for the cost of gas and have some fun with your friends while youíre at it. You could also walk to school if itís within walking distance! After all, exercise is good for your body.

Credit cards

It can be tempting when youíre buying that fancy dress and not paying cash for it. This is what credit cards do to you. You need to bear in mind that you will be required to pay back all the money you spent, so donít misuse your credit card. Use it as a buying tool and not a borrowing tool. Ensure you out your limit low to avoid overspending.

Text books

As a student, you definitely need books and readings to be excellent. However, these books can be a chance for you to save some dollars that could come in handy after you graduate. You could start by purchasing second-hand books as they are much cheaper. Additionally, donít just purchase books at the university store because it is convenient. Shop around for better deals, you might be surprised at just how much cheaper books are out there.