About us

Satis Loans is a responsible UK company that is run ethically. We began with only one branch, and over time we have been able to scale up and have several branches across UK. Our growth is perhaps fuelled by the fact that we are focused on delivering services to every citizen of UK as we believe that everyone is entitled to access money when they need it.

Satis Loans is a financially independent company and we have been faithful members of the Consumer Credit Trade Association (CCTA). Satis Loans is also regulated and authorized by FCA. The Financial Conduct Authority is the body that ensure financial firms treats consumers fairly and that they stick to the rules. They also ensure customers do not fall into scams, so you can apply for your loan at Satis Loans with confidence and peace of mind.

At Satis Loans, we pride ourselves in our top-notch services. We always take a friendly, open and responsible approach towards lending; perhaps this is what has helped us maintain the long term business relationships we enjoy with our customers and the communities we serve. The staff at Satis Loans is professional and passionate about providing the best services. Consistency and high standards are the norm, and we can confidently say that we stand to be the best lending company. Therefore, come to Satis Loans if you want to enjoy good value for your money as well as make friends that will walk with you to ensure you needs are met.

Do you have a bad credit but are in urgent need of money? Worry not. Satis Loans is just what you are looking for. No matter how many times you have been turned down elsewhere, at Satis Loans, we will consider your application and ensure that we take your current situation into account. We will assess your situation individually and handle it independently. Our staff is fast-paced and you can be assured of receiving your money within 24 working hours if there are no errors in your application. Satis Loans will not immediately repossess your car at the first defaulted payment. We will expect to hear from you so we can work out an arrangement that will favour your financial situation.